Too Much Left Unsaid

Too much left unsaidLee Collins

On July 21, 1969, Mattie McEnroe Connors watches a man walk on the moon for the first time, and is moved to reveal her own story—who better to receive it than the enigmatic, long-awaited guest in her living room?

Mattie unfolds a tale that is deeply intertwined with that of her sister-in-law, Kathy Hummel Connors. Mattie’s husband’s brother surprised the whole family when, shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor, he showed up at the train station of the small Ohio town the Connors call home, bringing Kathy as his new bride. When Josh left to fight in the war, Kathy—fiercely independent—and Mattie—deeply devoted to her family—had to try to trust and understand each other.

From the 1918 flu epidemic through four wars and on to the turbulent sixties, these two ordinary Midwestern women and their families confront social and political change, as well as devastating personal loss. Looking back at her life, Mattie must ask—Is it too late? After so long, can she make up for all that has been left unsaid?

About the author:

Lee Joanne Collins is a retired professor of education who grew up in Chicago and Pittsburgh, finished high school in Maryland, went to college in Ohio, taught in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Iowa. She has taught in every grade, kindergarten through college. In 1997 she retired as Professor Emerita from Central College in Pella, Iowa.

Her writing has always been personal (letters and journals) and professional (academic papers and presentations). In 2009 she began attending the Summer Writing Festival at the University of Iowa and that fall wrote a novel in a month. That novel, Mattie Matters, was the germ of Too Much Left Unsaid, which is now on sale to the world.

She lives in Pella, Iowa, with her housemate Barb Ashton, who did the cover photo for her book, and three cats. Her son, Ben Collins and his wife, Nancy, live in Platteville, WI, and her daughter, Rebecca DeLecuona, lives in August, GA. Six grandchildren live in Wisconsin and Georgia.

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