Ireland Calls My Name

Ireland Calls My Name by Ryter RongRyter Rong—her name symbolizes controversy. Pen to paper, Ryter Rong is a breath of fresh air doing what few are willing to do: write fact-fiction filled with historical truths of love and drama for a people that now finally (because of her) have a voice.

Join her on this first saga release for an unforgettable adventure in the life of eleven- year-old Talisyn O’Reilly.

She was taken to be a young slave during a great Irish genocide. The small fiery redhead ended up in Barbados. There she was able to slip free from her captors to stow away on a ship she thought would take her to freedom only to discover that it was a cargo ship of more slaves…this time…African slaves. Across the way she meets and befriends a young boy—Zxander. They are bought by the same owner who intends to breed them for a unique livestock once they are of age.

The question is: Will they be able to escape before that day comes?