The Secret Key of Mim: Charlie Kadabra Last of the Magicians

Secret Key of MimCharlie Kadabra’s Magician blood is screaming that there is something very wrong in Mim, the Land of Magic. He discovers that his family and friends have disappeared without a trace and their homes ransacked. The only one who can help Charlie is the elusive Mountain King, but will he? A mysterious and troubled past could keep him from helping Charlie. Where is Mim’s secret key and the hidden door it unlocks? Can he find the answers to these questions in time to rescue his family and friends before the nightmares take over? The Secret Key of Mim is an edge-of-your-seat wild mystery fantasy adventure with Charlie and his wisecracking sidekick, Fen.

“Taking this adventure with Charlie had me gripping the book with anticipation as together we made our perilous journey to find the evil threatening Mim and all the other worlds. I love these characters! They are very vivid and jumped off the page. And the Haroons…love, love, love them! This is a great read for young adults and older readers too!” – Wendy Siefen, author of Kia’s Journey series