Unfair Trade (Nums of Shoreview Book 2)

Unfair TradeThe purchase of an object sets in motion an upset customer who threatens revenge. By selling the item, Bik has inadvertently put someone’s life in danger.
It’s now up to our three favorite num children to step in to help. Once the local law won’t protect the man’s life, Bik, Faun and Gaz take it upon themselves to prevent any wrongdoing.
As facts are uncovered, the three children struggle to determine who is actually in danger, without becoming a victim themselves.
Beware! In the land of Altered Creatures, it is difficult to know the difference between good and evil. (This is Book 2 of the Nums of Shoreview Series for ages 9 to 15. Find out more about this and other Altered Creature series at our AlteredCreatures.com site) This book series is best described as epic fantasy adventure series, fantasy adventure quest, fantasy adventure mage, adventure time, best fantasy books for teens, best fantasy lists, middle grade fantasy adventure