A Case of Hearts

A Case of HeartsCarol Matthews has experienced more than her fair share of loss in her twenty-seven years. After the death of her beloved older brother, the responsibility of raising his son—four-year-old Jeff—is the only thing that keeps her going. Just when life begins to return to something called normal, the fear of losing Jeff sends Carol’s world into chaos. Jeff’s rich and well-connected grandparents petition for Jeff’s custody, leaving Carol in search of an experienced lawyer. Attorney Donovan Delaney’s own trouble with the law has left his career in shambles. With resources low and no new clients in the wings, things look desperate until Carol Matthews walks through his door. Carol’s case could be the second chance he needs to restore his professional reputation. With not only Jeff’s future at stake, Carol and Donovan fight their undeniable attraction to each other to focus on what’s really important. Can Carol willingly open her heart to another possible loss? Will Donovan risk the career of his dreams? If winning means success, what will be the cost?