Invasion of the Soul-Eater in Mim: Charlie Kadabra Last of the Magicians

Invasion of the Soul EaterA ghost ship drifts on the multicolored waves of the Glowing Sea. The enthralled children of the fairies, mermaids, and all the magic creatures of Mim are pulled toward it to their certain destruction. The Soul-Eater, an ancient evil, invades the world of magic called Mim bent on devouring all of her magical souls. Every soul taken cripples Mim, and she teeters on the brink of extinction. Charlie Kadabra is the last of a breed of Magicians who are the guardians of Mim. He is the only one to stand against this maleficent being. The clock counts down as Charlie’s father, Justin’s, life force ebbs away with every soul taken from Mim. Can the ultimate dragon’s gift save his father? Climb aboard Charlie’s dragon, Galzra, and ride into another thrilling adventure with Charlie and Fen.

“Author Nan McAdam is a master storyteller. She captures the magic inherent in all of us and weaves it into an exciting tale guaranteed to keep you turning the pages with anticipation. “Invasion of the Soul-Eater in Mim” and all the previous Mim books are engaging and fantastic journeys of the imagination.” ~ Matthew Davenport, author of Broken Nights