Iowa Book SourceWe apply the best of both worlds for independent authors and small publishing houses. We offer a brick and mortar store window to showcase your physical book in a family friendly local mall. The display window has signage directing your books can be purchased.  The display theme changes twice a month to follow seasons, holidays and events being celebrated. In the display window, readers find books in their genre, with a link, where they can purchase books from either or Barnes and Noble links, or where listed on our site, your website if you prefer.

To display your books either in our window display, or here on the IBS site, contact us at

Once connected, we send you access through mailing address, paypal, or however we need to connect.

Our most reasonable fee is $5.00 per month, for up to 10 books.

11 – 20 books, our fee is $10.00 per month and increases per ten books over that.

Window is visible at the Marshalltown Mall:
2500 S Center St, Marshalltown, IA 50158

Let’s do business soon. We want to sell your books!

2 thoughts on “About IBS

  1. Hi and hugs 🙂 I was wondering about more details, such as how many copies of each book do you ask the author to send you, and who covers what costs? Hugs and thanks for your time. Aunt T Pathfinder

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    1. Hi Aunt T,
      I ask the authors to send 1 copy of each book, it’s $5.00 a month whether you send 1 book or 10 different books. if you have 11 to 20 it’s $10.00 a month and so on. I cover the cost of the display space rental, the decorations, the book displays and such. I go in every two weeks and change up the decorations to reflect holidays, seasons, etc. I’m starting in June a table towards the front with Author of the Month and there will display up close for the passers by to see. It’s in a locked area so no one can take the books. I keep it fresh and eye catching to get people’s interest. It’s a blend of the old brick and mortar book store with links to the online bookstore where you can find the ebook and purchase it. I also do the links on the website and promote the book store site to help drive web traffic to it as well as folks who walk by in our local community. If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment here, send an email @ or whatever works best for you. Hugs to you too and I hope you have a blessed weekend! take care~


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